Extraordinary WGM to take place at Garda.

Dear A-Cat Sailors – Please be informed that we will run an extraordinary WGM in Arco Del Garda. The exact date is still subject to discussion, but you can expect it to take place during the European Championships. The formal invitation will follow soon.

As for the Constitution, we have 3 official proposals that will be voted in Garda. They are :
1. Change of Constitution to relocate the IACA.
2. USACA’s proposal to delete Rule 16 from IACA Championship Rules.
3. Poland’s proposal to change Class Rules E.3 and E.4.

The propositions and letters are available on for you to download. : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Vc1nDkHLfyablNZUnItkO6CkSDtjLJXE
I suggest you share with your fellow National Association members and start a discussion in your own associations, so you have a well-based opinion when your association casts your vote at the WGM.

As usual I’m available for your questions. Thank you for your collaboration!

Kind regards,
Charles and the IACA Committee