Spring Regatta Circolo Vela Arco 2022

Tymoteuz Bendyk wins all nine races of this year’s Spring Regatta! There were two light wind, six medium and one strong wind races over 20 knots. „Tymek“ was the fastest boat in all conditions, with his boat, eXploder 2020 with Bryt sails, being particularly advantageous in medium winds going upwind.

Second and third-placed Rainer Bohrer (GER 6) and Vladislav Ptasnik (CZ 1) also used the same equipment and completed the podium with good and consistent results.

A strong field came together to prepare for the European Championships at the same location. And Lake Garda provided the expected weather conditions with north and south winds with a fantastic backdrop. Some favorites were still struggling with material or handling problems. Lamberto Cesari (ITA 13) capsized in races 7 and 8 and thus took fourth place in the overall standings. Manuel Calavia (ESP 11) got two good second places and one third place, but had to give up due to delaminations on the platform on the boat.

Alberto Farnesi (SWE 59) wins the Classic discipline with 8 first places! He was almost as fast as the foiler boats on the upwind in some races and only lost one light wind race to Micky Todd (ESP 7). The conditions on Lake Garda make Alberto a favorite for the title, no doubt, Landi has a challenger.

The course setting, a little further south in the middle of the lake, was well decided, both start directions worked well, there was a little more wind to the right of the wall, but the lay line was not easy to hit; left one could take a more direct course across the middle of the lake. And we got pretty flat water for nice foiling most of the time.

The currently flatter sails make sense with the expected stronger wind. Trimming over hard battens seems to be better for light to medium winds, and the flat-cut sails are more stable in profile and tend to be faster. So cańt be wrong here as in September the wind gets most of the time a bit lighter.

We also saw a bit of material development, e.g. thinner foils on the Scheurer, which are incredible fast and stable also in the waves. Robin Maeder (SUI 7) showed the potential of the prototype with 6 over all and a strong second place in strong wind race 7.