Warnemuende, the venue for the 2018 A-Class European Championship is located directly at the estuary of the river Warnow. The beautiful beaches and the location just in outside of the old Hanse Town Rostock helped Warnemuende to develop from a small fishers village into a popular seaside resort. All kinds of water activities had always been in the focus of the guests. Since 1926 sailing regattas were being held in early July. So, 2018 the yet 81st Warnemuender Woche will be sailed, which will be the platform for the 2018 European A-Class Championship.

Warnemuende is located to both sides of the river Warnow. The older part is located on the west side of the river, and hosts, loads of small and big hotel, B&Bs, holiday homes, and of course restaurants and bars.

The easterly part of the town called Hohe Duene and hosts, the modern yacht harbor and the Yachthafen Residenz Hotel. Here the A-Cats will be located for the European Championship.

The Sailing Venue will be on the open Baltic Sea. The different possible race courses are located close to the beaches so that spectators can easily follow the action on the water.

The marina Hohe Düne:

General map (open Street map):

The possible race courses:

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