Information upon arrival

A printable pdf Version  of the provided information can be found here: upon_arival.pdf

Earliest possible arrival: Saturday, June 30th. If you intend to arrive earlier, please contact first:

Mrs. Bruns

Location and facilities:

The map shows

  • temporary boat+trailer park
  • official boat+trailer park
  • race office
  • other facilities


The official boat+trailer park will be opened on Tuesday July, 3rd. If you arrive before please use the temporary boat+trailer park maked in the map.


All boats and trailers on the temporary boat+trailer park shall be moved to the official boat+trailer park as soon as it is opened.

On the official boat and trailer park, boats and trailers shall be positioned side by side. Places are marked with barrier tape. Most of the places are on the beach. A tractor will tow trailers to its desired places. Please follow instructions of the officials.


It’s unlikely that the Race office will be opened much before Saturday, July 7th. In order to assist arriving competitors, there will be officials from the A-Cat Association available. As there are:

  • Matthias +49 151 46681440
  • Florian
  • Guido +49 170 3124821

Also Mrs. Bruhns as official of the Warnermuender Woche can be contacted. Contact data see above.

For competitors intending to use the camping ground on naval base (see map):

  • It is in walking distance
  • It can be booked at registration (most likely not before the 7th of July)
  • Therefore it might also not be open before July 7th.
  • Temporary Camping place will be published before June 30th.
  • Prizes see

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